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Questions children have about divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Family Law

The questions that children have about divorce are often very different than the questions that adults have. Naturally, children are much more concerned with their living situation and not very concerned with assets or financial details.

Once you tell your children about your upcoming divorce, odds are they’re going to have a lot of questions that you want to address. Talking to them about these things can put their mind at ease and make the whole process easier. And it may help you to know what they’re going to ask in advance.

Examples of common questions

Clearly, every divorce case is different and every family situation is different, so the questions are going to vary a fair amount from one situation to the next. But here are a few examples of things that your children may ask:

  • Why is the divorce happening?
  • When is it going to happen?
  • Where am I going to live?
  • Is this my fault?
  • Do we have to move away from my friends or my school?
  • Who can I tell about the divorce?
  • Will I still get to see both of my parents?
  • What will happen to all of my toys and other belongings?

Children are often looking for reassurance, and one of your main goals should be stressing that you love them and your ex also loves them. You want to make sure that the children know that you are there for them throughout this process, and the very fact that you’re sitting down to answer their questions is a great start.

As you work your way through this entire process, be sure you fully understand your child custody rights and all of the steps you’ll need to take to protect the time with your kids.