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Two things you need to include in your post-divorce parenting plan

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2022 | Child Custody

When a marriage ends in a divorce or separation, the couple needs to develop an arrangement for the care and provision of their children. A parenting plan is a court-approved and enforceable arrangement that stipulates each parent’s rights and obligations concerning the care of their children.

A well-thought-out plan is key to building a healthy relationship between the parents and children. It can also help prevent future conflicts. Most importantly, a good parenting plan should focus on the children’s best interests.

Here are two questions you need to ask when creating one.

Who will live with the children?

One of the most contested issues during the divorce and child custody hearing is how to share time with the kids. A parenting plan can help the parents come up with an arrangement where they are able to share equal time living with the children. They may also come up with an arrangement where one parent assumes the primary custody of the children while the other gets visitation rights. Regardless of the arrangement, having clearly articulated custody terms is important.

How will the parents communicate with each other and the children?

It is essential to discuss and document how the parents will communicate and make decisions affecting the children. You also need to set out how the child can communicate with the parent it is not with.

A good parenting plan can help divorced parents work together in the children’s best interest. These are some of the questions you should consider asking when creating a post-divorce parenting plan.