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Steps to protect your children after divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Child Custody

Children often feel a sense of dread when they find out that their parents are divorcing. They may wonder what life will be like now that they have to live in two homes. For some children, the thought of their parents fighting all the time makes them anxious. 

You’ll likely want to do everything possible to protect your children while you’re going through a divorce. This helps to ensure that they’re able to adjust as easily as possible to the new lifestyle. 

Limit conflict with your ex

Kids often worry that they’ll have to choose between their parents. Never make them feel as though they have to do this. You can make it easier for your children if you encourage them to have a relationship with your ex. You can also help minimize the stress your child is subjected to by not saying negative things about your ex. 

You should also avoid asking the children to pass messages back and forth between you two. Instead, discuss matters directly with your ex. Also, try to have tense conversations away from the kids. 

Normalize emotions

Emotions are a normal part of life, but some children might think that showing how they feel is a sign of weakness. Discuss your child’s emotions with them and share some of your own that are age-appropriate for your children. Be sure to pay attention to signs that your child needs a little extra help. They might suddenly start struggling in school or are begin isolating themselves from their friends.

Children need consistency if they’re going to thrive. It’s important that you work with your ex to get the parenting plan together as quickly as you can. This gives your children a chance to adjust to the new way of life as soon as possible.